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14th March, 2022: Happy Birthday Priyanshi

The heading gives you guys the idea of this blog entry. It's her birthday. We had gotten her an advance bday gift (pulled off the plan we had made two years ago). Yesterday night we cut the cake and today she took us out for a party. A lot of people have entered and exited my life during covid. Some really good friendships were developed, but that with her is probably the best and most cherished one of them all. Before covid, even though we were good friends, we met and talked less frequently, mostly going out with the whole group. During 2020 however, we started talking more random stuff, conversations on life in general. I remember having calls that lasted four hours. Coming back to campus, she was the first person I met and the fun has never stopped ever since (more reasons to be sad that college ends in 2 weeks). Hopefully, the entire group dynamics will change for the best soon.


9th March, 2022

Well I guess the namme daily vlog doesn't seem appropriate for this file anymore. I have been way too busy (cut me some slack please). Over the last few months, admissions, placements, projects and well the constant compulsion to make the last semester legendary has been keeping me more than occupied. The fact that I have 28 credits this semester is not helping either. I got placed at FARE LABS and got my first admist to University of Glasgow (Msc Robotics & AI). More results are due this month and the next. I applied for almost 12 courses in total (almost entirely Europe) and lets hope for the best. I have taken a break from Marmot atleast untill this semester ends, mainly due the academic load of this semseter and also because I need to put in as much time as I can into the JRD project. Along with being my first proper hardware project, I am gettting to learn a lot from Sidharth, both in terms of the project and also a lot of general tips and tricks.

Now that I have addressed all the major updates regarding my life, I just want to address the main reason for the revival of this blog. Yesterday I realized that there is less than 1 month left for the major exams, aka. the end of my undergraduate degree. Even though the future still remains uncertain, I have mixed feelings regarding this (like all 1000 others in my batch). I am happy for the fact that almost everyone I know and love have done very well in the last few months, attaiining their goals. May it be placements, admissions, UPSC or whatever. At the same time, the change that follows this is sad. But change is invetiable and well as Pranav Mohanlal said in Hridayam "nammal enthine vendiya jeevikune enne thirichariyuna kurache moments undaville. It was a moment like that. Ninde lifilum athe pole oru samayam verum. Ingane aayirunenkil....angane aayirunengil enne chinthikunathe okke nee nirthum. Ninakke manasilagum. This is it! Eni ithanu". Change is just the traffic lights that guide you to your ultimate destination. Some may slow you down, keep you stuck in unfavourable conditions but eventually everything turns green. Some of us know what our destination is. Some don't but I believe that everyone I know are good people at their core and I like to believe that good things happen to good people.

PS: I went on a trip with my juniors friends. Watch the video here: link

Special mention to Priyanshi (isne bolke likhwaya h ye)

15th November, 2021

Hmm...its been a pretty long time since I wrote something here. 50% of the Engineering degree happens in the 6th and 7th semester. Interns, placements, applications, application prep,... it has been hectic. However, the results are good too. Also the fact that all of this ends in a month is also relieving. The last week has been quite insightful in terms of personal development. I had time to ponder about some very important aspects of my life and I ended up making some pretty good decisons. As usual, Devu is the only person who knows what I am upto and what I plan to do. However, one of the most important realizations was that I really need to get back to my old self. I relaized how much I miss the adventures. People in Delhi are great in multiple aspects but the adrenaline rush from all the last minute trips with KD and the bois tops everything else. I like all the parties and dinners and all that but there are things that I prefer over all this. I talked to KD and we have plans for December and I know that something or the other will happen (KD has tried to skip weddings at his own house for our trips XD). Hopefully 7 down highlight will be more amazing than the 1 down highlight. I am working on my applications in the meantime and also on my NUS work. The more I stay with them, the more I learn and the more I love what we work on. I am actually considering working there instead of placements if I dont get into Masters.

4th April, 2021

Well well well. It's been too long since I've updated this. I have two valid reasons for this though. 1) I was at home and there was literally nothing to write about. 2) My harddisk fkd up and all my files were lost. Hence, I was waiting for a harddisk till now.

Now that all that has been sorted out, I am back. A lot of changes took place in the last few months. The most important being that I am back in campus. The whole situation has mixed feelings associated with it ngl. Being on campus has it's positives: friends, PFC, all that. The new cameras are also a good plus point. However, the campus is very lonely these days. Full of PG students and very few UG students. Only a few friends are on campus. We are also usually busy with work. The situation is not bad but can be better. Other than that, acads and others are going good ig. The sem is less stressful. The projects are going good. I'm focussing more on the NUS project now and will pay attention to Jays sirs project in the summer. I have too much on my plate already. I have decided to spent my summer focusing on these two projects and on GRE prep. Ayesha is helping me out too. Hopefully, I will have a really good CV by then for higher studies.

Overall, life is going meh. Ayush, Varun, Santoshh and Kunal are making sure that campus isnt too boring. More people are onboarding these days andhopefully everything will be back to normal. Also I want to go on a trip after this sem. Any tips on how to trick Pandey and Varun into coming for the trip? PM please.

19th December, 2020

Why am I getting a feel that this blog is turning into my record of mental breakdowns and depression attacks? Well again I had a major breakdown yesterday but I'm happy about it. Made me realise that I need to stp focussing on just the bad things in life. So here are a bunch of happy thoughts.

We had a small get together yesterday with my friends from 10th. I keep in touch with only a handful of people from that period of time in my life (cuz a lot of those people have given me reasons not to, its always better to keep the drama and toxicity away). We ended up going to Devu's house, staged an entire impromptu skit to get her mom to agree to take her out for lunch and also ended up roasting each other for hours. I tried getting a good pic with Devu but I guess the universe doesn't want that. Hwever, that bitch ended up getting a fk all embarassing pic of mine and so now I'm screwed.

18th December, 2020

A complete roller coaster of a day. Half the day I was trying to be productive. Following this, I slipped into tiredness and by the evening, I was lonely af and tired of life. Then all of a sudden, everything changed. Kunal started streaming and today everyone was there (also if you haven't followed Kunal and Santosh, follow them). Just as the stream ended, Saksham called and asked me to join a google meet without any pretext. That ended up being a call with Priyanka, Sarvesh, Somani, Ayush and Lokesh. I don't remember the last time I laughed this hard. After that, we ended up having another VC, me, Varun, Priyanshi and Yash. As usual, Ayush had excuses. But well, he is one of the busiest people I know. All this helped me fix my mood. There is still this one thing that keeping bringing my mood down, but that is for that particular person to figure out.

17th December, 2020

Today should have been a very hectic day with 2 submissions and 1 project presentation. However, I had been planing out my work in a good manner and things went smoothly, giving me enough time to breathe in between. I got a similarity index of only 11% too on a 12 page long report. I am really proud of it and ended up updating it in the project section too. I will try to complete all my project pages soon. I also need to update my CV and start searching for research opportunities. Building a strong CV is gonna be key for my higher studies. Also. the pre-registration for next sem started today. Im taking the biggest gamble of my entire this time. Ayush, Gauransh, Aryan and I want COL106 (Data Structures) desperately and we decided to not take any chances with it. We ended up droping core courses just so that we can apply for COL106 in both the slots so that we end up getting atleast one. Huge gamble as if we are not giving our core courses in add-drop, our degrees might get extended. However, I would rather have an extended degree than give up my specialization in Robotics.

16th December, 2020

"I'll be writing this on a daily basis once again" - Navaneeth K P

LOL! A lot of things happened yesterday but I was too busy today to update it today. Had a lot of assignments. Even now, I'm sitting in a meeting with Ayesha, Gauransh and Aryan. I also meet bombed the OnAir meeting also. We figured out most of our project too. A very productive night indeed.

14th December, 2020

Today marks the end of an era. Quite a lot will change from today. I am updating this at 2:40AM, 15 Dec. The fact that I am awake this late along should give you an idea about how important it was for me. Well another reason to wish that the college reopens, even though the profs kinda made us feel that the next semester is also online. I spamed a lot of depression stickers in Devu's chat so I hope to see her reaction tomorrow. Well that's how I like to book my therapy sessions. It's moments like these where you actually feel proud for all the friends you made over the years. I don't want to talk about anything else today. Not exactly in the best of shape. However, I am proud to announce that I'll be writing this on a daily basis once again. I have people to remind me now.

13th December, 2020

The past few days have been weird. I have been working on my JRL assignment for quite some time now. However, I still can’t seem to get it right for some reason. Well finally ended up submitting it. I really want to learn control better tbh since it is a very interesting domain. I filled out my Hukkas yesterday. This is usually a very hectic process but this time, I really didn’t care much so it was done quickly. I realized that I have only 4 core courses next semester, meaning I can take up a good amount of extra courses. I structured my HULs such that I can take COL106 and Robotics next year. I will also try to push for a Computer Aided Manufacturing course since I love the topic and also the Prof is really great. However, I will do this only if I don’t manage to get a project under any professor for the next semester. The higher studies scene is getting more competitive and I need to have an amazing profile to get into really good colleges. The minor in Robotics will be a plus point but I feel like I need more research and project experience. I have also been thinking whether I should take a year off after my degree to work as a research assistant under a Professor before I go forward for higher studies. Even though I realize that there are a lot of uncertainties involved, I am happy about how serious I am about this nowadays. I have started compiling all my projects and will soon post them all on this website.

I started working on my term paper today. I plan to compile them too on this website, creating a repository for all my work. Gotta get all these done before Feb start. Also, today Priyanshi video called after a long time. She told me that over 160 seniors have returned to the campus. I'm guessing thats a good sign. Hopefully we get to go back soon too ig. Also, KD and Freaken are free after 19th so plans are popping up. Nived has also made plans with his friends. Things are slowly moving back to normal.

5th December, 2020

Well its been sometime since I wrote an entry. Well the midsem break is boring so far. Nothing much done. No clear plans right now but will do something most probably. The placements are going on abhi. Most of my seniors got placed on day 1 and day 2. Krishna and Jinay are in the same firm, Kashish is also in consult. Priyanka ma'am got placed in Finmech and just now, Garvil got placed in PWC. Everyone is doing great. Also on the plus side, most of them will be placed in Delhi. I wonder how my placement season will be. Tbh, I'm not even sure whether I will sit for placements. I really want to pursue higher studies in Robotics. It's something I am very passionate about. I just hope I make it into a good grad school. If that gets sorted, no placement rush. I will chill out like hell.

Pallipat went back to Delhi today. It came as a surprise tbh. I had talked to him last week and he said that he won't have to go until Jan but today the first thing I saw on waking up was his story saying “on my way to Delhi”. He was suddenly called back for exams. Well I say his stories now and he's already having the welcome back party at his flat. Believe me, if I was called back, I will make sure I celebrate for at least a week. This thing has become so unbearable that even Ayush wants to go back XD.

29th November, 2020

After giving 3 consecutive quizzes yesterday, today was my first day of complete rest. Completed Bandish Bandits today. Such an amazing series. I was especially awestruck by some of the great songs in it and also the Megh Malhar at the end. I was always fascinated by Tansen and his amazing Megh Malhar. Such an amazing story. I am currently playing the Bandish Bandits songs on loop. I think they will stick for sometime. I did do some productive things today like getting the Photoshop competition entries graded, start with the remaining pages of the website and also tried planning out a few other projects during the mid-sem. I didn't play any valorant today so maybe I'll do that abhi. Also, since most of the days are monotonous now, I have decided that until things go back to normal, I will add entries only for important events.

28th November, 2020

Today was a fk all busy day. 3 quizzes, starting from 9 in the morning till 6PM. Was really demanding but it felt good after I was finally done with it and was able to chill. The satisfaction of closing all my tabs after the last exam was just too good. Just another small joy of the online semester ig. After the exams were done, I started off with Bandish Bandits. It seems like a good series, I was half expecting it to be boring with a lot of classical music but the songs are actually good. I like the plot too. I couldn't finish it though since we had planned to play among us with the juniors. It was fun and we ended up playing till 2AM. Well tomorrow is going to be 100% rest. So it's cool if I wake up late.

24th November, 2020

As usual it was a very normal day. Same as all other online sem days. SO FKIN BORING. I had a long talk with Pandey about it today. We also talked about some of our great escapes and other college life incidents. It seems that even he is fed up with the present situation. Yes! The guy who was all pro “staying at home” is also fed up now. Welcome to the gang. Since the mid sem breaks are starting, I tried to ask dad whether we could go on a trip and surprisingly he agreed. The plan is Munnar or Wayanad, if it works out. Otherwise, I might go to Mangalore or Kasargod to KD’s. Lets see how it goes. Well atleast now there is some hope.

22th November, 2020

It has been some time since I added an entry to the blog. Well tbh, I was feeling different after the minors but I thought that it was just me being too burned out from the exams. However, I noticed that this did not stop even after almost 2 weeks. Today I was especially troubled due to a few disappointing turn of events and finally I started feeling that I might be feeling depressed. So the first thing I did was to search "How to overcome depression" and this was the first site that came up (link). Luckly, it had audio in it too, otherwise I don't think I would have read it thoroughly. Within seconds, I realized that I exhibited almost all the signs mentioned in the article. Recently, I have started questioning a lot of life choices that I was 100% certain before. I don't usually admit it but this tie, I am genuinely troubled. I have a lot of close friends who usually know how to deal with me like this but well covid is a bitch ig. If future Navaneeth is reading this, then if you are successful and well established, I am proud of you.

It's night now and I am feeling better abhi. I completed my summary and now I'm just eavesdropping in the freshers VC. It reminded me of how naive I was. The other major incident of the night is the IITM mail. They are planning to conduct exams like JEE. F in chats for my bois. Goutham was on the verge of depression.

18th November, 2020

Very hectic day! I mean really hectic. I was so tired after all the work that I decided to chill out hard before going to bed. Submitted both my assignments and also had a meeting with my mentees. All of them seem nice. We had a good conversation, from academics to DU ki bandiya. I really look forward to meeting them. They also asked me whether we can play Among Us. Ayesha burst into tears after hearing that. She became a mentor mainly to get a group to play Among Us with. We have betrayed her too many times (Yes Pandey! I am looking at you). Papa asked me to select a phone for NIved and as usual, Nived had only one demand. “It should be better than what you have”. I love my brother :’)

17th November, 2020

It was the last free day for Nived before he became an IITian. Even though I had assignments due, we decided to go out and get food in the evening. As usual, the beach was also a must. I kinda feel like now the only interesting thing on my feed is the pictures and videos of beaches. I also got connected to all my mentees today, even talked to a few of them aaj. I will try to get a meeting setup with them tomorrow. We also submitted the Mastercard design prompt today. Really hope we win that. We put in a lot of effort and also had a lot of fun doing it too. The chats on comments has turned out to be an iconic feature for our team. I also have 2 assignments due tomorrow so not sure how feasible it will be though. Also, Ayesha’s fachhe are stalking her on Github. Just the perfect match for Pandey.

16th November, 2020

Kaafi busy and eventful day tbh. Today was Ann Mary's birthday. The is a very low chance that any of you know her since most of you got to know me only after first year. She used to star on my stories along with Amal mon in my stories all through first year. We were very good friends but a lot of events took place which led to friction between Ann and Amal and let's just say, I took Amal's side for obvious reasons. We have been distant ever since, apart from the birthday wishes, there was zero contact between us throughout 2nd year. Considering how we were before the incidents, it is very sad. Well now, Amal and Ann have started patching stuff up (ig?) and we have started talking too. I realize that things will never go back to how they used to be but these guys were the highlight of my year. I used one of her own tictoks against her. She wasn't happy ig. Not sure. Ig another unspoken incident between us.

I completed most of the work for today. The mentor letter and the DOM assignment. Did a good amount of ideation for MasterCard also. On top of all that, the hostel and mentor allotment came. Nived got Jwala and I got my mentees. Sara was assigned to Paru. Paru is the best person for the mentorship program. She is the most optimistic and caring person on campus and I'm sure her mentees will love her. I have talked to Ayesha and fixed for a party together. My friends are doing the same too. Well let's just hope college reopens soon. Also, Kashish! You had one job :(

15th November, 2020

I was too lazy/busy ( I don't remember) to upload this. I have been busy with a lot of things these days. Btw mentors result came and Me, Ayesha, Nico and Paru got selected. 4 mallus. Other than that, Aman and Rahul also got selected. That means my entire room is mentors room now. I was surprised how a lot of people from Mech didn't make it tbh. Well we have to prepare a letter by 17th to be sent out to our mentees. Will work on that tomorrow. We also resumed with the Master Card proposal. That has to be done tomorrow and to top all this off, I have DOM submission. I feel like the minors are still not over. Also, Nived started attending trial classes and inspired from me, he was walking around the house with the class going on. I have so much hope in him :)

14th November, 2020

Today was Diwali. I have never celebrated it in my entire life. Everyone was posting pics in kuratas and stuff. Many people wished me too. I really don’t know why it is not celebrated in Malabar tbh. It’s kinda important throughout the country but for some reason nothing happens here. Our equivalent for Diwali is Vishu. Same ways of celebration, just different time period. Also, I got to meet all the mallu freshers today. Nived was sleeping so the others couldn’t meet him. I slept off in between the call and woke up only after everyone left the call. Lol. I hope no one noticed.

13th November, 2020

The day was normal, mostly me chilling, attending classes and playing Valorant. I did a lot of research for my DSL project though. I read quite a lot of articles. Had discussions with the team and sorted out a lot of stuff. We plan to get maximum work done now so that there is not much pressure towards the end. Hopefully, the project will turn out great.

Towards the evening, it started raining very heavily and the current went out. My brother and I were busy on our laptops and didn’t notice it tbh. Two heavy gaming laptops were enough to drain down the inverter. Hence the power went out by 11:30PM. We tried sleeping but couldn’t so around 12:30 we moved to our grandparent’s house. I really hope it gets fixed quickly.

12th November, 2020

I had planned to chill out today to let go of all the minor related stress. Well I kinda went overboard with it. Skipped every single class, played a lot of Valorant, watched the entire Season 1 of Mirzapur and did nothing productive. Well done myself *pat on the shoulder*. I kinda feel a little guilty about it but at the same time I feel like doing the same tomorrow.

BSP released their freshers magazine today (Do read). The team did a really good job on it. There was some really neat artwork and nice sections also. In addition, I was featured so overall amazing. All the boards plan to put in effort to make the freshers feel more involved. All these will start once the 1 month no-interaction period gets over. However, I really don't realise why there is a need for that this year. Video call p ragging kon lega XD. As a matter of fact, IITD m ragging is almost non-existent. I personally feel that the precautions are good but during this 1 month, the admin and BSW makes sure that the freshers feel like the seniors are monsters who will swallow them whole if they are not careful. Iske chakkar m, it takes almost the whole first year to make them feel comfortable around us. In addition to this yesterday we came across messages from babloos asking the juniors to call the seniors (basically them :) ) sir and ma’am. I understand that Bhaiya and didi can get weird but sir and ma’am, even though sounds professional, does not make you feel very comfortable as a junior. The one thing that made me comfortable around my babloos was that they had told us that they feel that the sir culture is wrong and had asked us to call them by name. Even though I do call them sir, it is because I want to and not because I was forced to. There is a difference between earning and demanding respect. We had a discussion amongst us yesterday and decided that we will also declare that the juniors can call us by our names rather than sir (I am not speaking for the entire hostel, just us).

To top off all the madness going on, someone decided to join the freshers orientation yesterday by the name of the IITD director and started cursing. With all the freshers and their parents attending it, I don’t think the admin is gonna let it pass. BSP should have explained disco a day ago :).

11th November, 2020

Minors finally got over today. All the minors were good this sem. Even though it was very hectic, even to the extent that I gave 3 exams continuously today, I feel happy and think I did good. I thought that I might spare some time at night to write the blogs but seeing the last entry, I hope you understand why I didn't. That summarised the entire minor days. I didn't have a proper post minor celebration though, except the part that I got back my Amazon prime, that too for ₹165 (student price). I plan to take it cool tomorrow and chill. Maybe even go out to get food.

During the last four days, I spent most of the time staring at my screen and now that the minor is over, I will spend even more time staring at the screen, playing Valorant. Going blind soon ig. I was gonna upload this on 11th night itself but some turn of events took place which spoiled my mood. I also got a terrible headache so I decided to sleep early.

One last detail I missed out, I am Devika’s most favourite alibi. :')

8th November, 2020

Very hectic day, I barely had any free time.

7th November, 2020

Today was a very eventful day. The day started off with Ankita texting me that she was free today and asked whether we could meet up. We used to be really good friends back in 10th and then a lot of stuff happened, also both of us shifted schools and lost contact. We finally started catching up this year so I was really looking forward to it. Ideally, I would have declined today cuz I would be studying for tomorrow's exam. However, it so happened that amma didn’t make lunch today and they planned to eat out. So I decided that I would go out and eat with Anita since I would anyway have to go out for lunch. I thought maybe I could catch up with SP and Swati too but they are quarantined so it was just the two of us today. I was afraid of one thing though. There is a weird phenomena which occurs in between two people who started talking via texts and have been used to that domain. When they meet up, they can’t talk to each other. I faced this problem with Ayesha, Moing, Ritika and many others. This also happens between boys too. However, we didn’t seem to have that problem. I had a lot of wonderful conversations with her throughout. Except for the fact that the french fries were disgusting, it was a fun outing. I was also happy that over the course of the last year, we were able to clear out all misunderstandings and go back to being good friends. Overall it was a really good start to the day and I wanted to document it. Thus, this blog and also this post (If your follow request hasn't been accepted, don't bother). Also, Amma said she looked very different from how she remembered Ankita. Fun fact, amma refers to Ankita as "her friend" because back in the days, she used to enjoy talking to her a lot during PTA meetings.

As for the second major event for the day, the Convocations happened today. So many lol moments. Meme contents came flowing. Modi’s speech was amazing. I realize that someone sat down with an IITD student to write it for him and I definitely don’t expect him to know about RDV, muffins or night mess but it was very nostalgic. Civil_k_bakchod made a post out of it jo sabne share ki. Also, pics of Profs sleeping on the stage were also floating around with the caption “how do they expect us to stay awake in the 8am class?”. Apart from the lol moments, it also had a major happy moment which was when JK (Jayakrishnan) got a gold medal for perfect 10. He was my first TA and one of my closest friends in IMA. Will really miss him. I still remember how I made sure I would do great in ED just because he was the TA.

Due to these 2 events, I made sure I used my time properly. I managed to study quite effectively since I had allotted time for fun today and that meant I was mentally pushing myself to study. I have MTL tomorrow and I already have a reward for it. Amma is making biriyani so that is my motivation for doing well. Let’s see how it goes. Best of luck to me.

6th November, 2020

Ideally, this would have been a day where I studied a lot but for the first half, I was completely busy and in the second, I was too sad. Both these have very valid reasons so ai was not demotivated at night and managed to learn quite a lot before ending the day. Talking about the first half, I had to make two videos for the orientation tomorrow (a very sad memory for this year's batch about which I will talk in detail tomorrow after confirming my assumptions). I had to make the National anthem and Vande Mataram. Music club has been doing well in the online semester. They have a lot of potential for creating good covers and stuff during this time and tbh I was very impressed with how they combined all their voices to create the song. It was perfect, no mistakes to point out. The videos were a bit bad though so I had to spend some time with it. Either they moved around or had weird aspect ratios. This combined with the fact that I hadn't opened Premier Pro in a long time (since the morning video) ment I spent some extra time on it. It came out great though. A few people were surprised that I was doing it myself and not making my reps do it but they have exams and also I felt like if I kept assigning all my work to them, I might become lazy. I really don't want that to happen since as the secretary, I want both the club and myself to grow. Also, this will most probably be the last POR I take up in IITD so I want to give my 100%. I plan to execute every single thing mentioned in my manifesto.

As of the second part of the day, I realized today that in response to the new UGC guidelines for reopening of colleges, all my friends are being called back by 31st. Meanwhile, IITD chill maar raha h. I even did all possible Google searches to figure out if there was any leak on when the college reopens. Sadly I didn't even find a fake article. The last article on this matter was posted in June which predicted reopening in July (Lol). This was very demotivating. This uncertainty is really taking a toll on everyone. However, I understand that the admin is clueless about it too since the condition is highly volatile and with students coming back from all corners of India, if not the world, Corona might spread like wildfire. They are also aware that the chance of us strictly following social distancing is almost zero. So they won't take risks.

Meanwhile I planned to meet up with Devus too after minor. If I miss this one, I don't know when we will be able to meet again. So this is too priority abhi. I also found the fresher's orientation schedule today. First year online looks so sad. They will miss out on too much. First year is the time where you evolve the most. Depriving them of this period might have serious impacts on how they turn out. I really hope everything is back to normal by Dec. Really do.

5th November, 2020

Today the classes started only from 9:30 so I was able to attend it. However, within half an hour I got bored and left. I prefer learning from recorded lectures. Over the summer, I realised that each professor has a multiplying factor which converts a boring lecture to a good one. Some professors have to be listened to at 2X to make the studying efficient. I guess bunking classes to study isn’t a crime. I feel I am making better use of my time like this. Also,I finally decided which course to audit. It was a very tough competition, we had a lot of strong contenders this semester. The fight was neck to neck till the very last moment but HMT swooped in with an amazing move in the end and bagged the prize. Congrats! The proctored exam similar to the quiz model can’t be beaten. GG.

Amma seems to be very interested in cooking these days. She made fried rice for lunch today. Nived and I also went and bought food too in addition to this. I also managed to study today. Tomorrow onwards, minor mode ON. I might not be able to update the blog too. I feel guilty for pestering Ayush for blogs during minors ab. I also managed to reach the final season of The Big Bang Theory. A great series indeed. I would give it a tight second best comedy series, followed by HIMYM. That is just gold. Barney Stinson alone could make up an entire series. I need to finish Big Bang Theory today cuz my Amazon Prime gets expired tomorrow and convincing my parents to get me another subscription might be hard. I managed this one only because Amma needed a OnePlus Nord and it was released at 12AM. As I was the only one who was awake around that time, my parents asked me to buy it. Only once the sale started did I realise that it was a Prime only sale. I had to buy Nord before it ran out. So, I had to buy a subscription. I thought it would be a waste of money since I already had a hotstar subscription but Amazon is so much better. Now the only option left for me to renew it is that either I beg my parents to do so or I wait till Nived buys a phone, which might be once the next OnePlus releases. Hence, the first option seems much better but just to be safe, I’m gonna go finish the series now. Ya and also Ayesha ruined my PR today in front of her friends. Idiot!

4th November, 2020

Woke up late again. Lol! My parents seem to have lost hope in me and barely put in the effort to wake me up. Dad switches off the fan and leaves but this tactic has been deployed for so long that I am practically immune to it. Missed all my classes today also. Had to spend most of the day doing a project report and as if the day couldn’t get worse, we realized that one of our projects was due yesterday. Literally, no one told us anything about the deadline. The group is often spammed with all sorts of bullshit otherwise but nothing of use ever. This isn’t the first time either. It had come to a point that I thought all batches were like this in IITD. However, once I had a discussion with my OnAir friends and realized that it was not so. Pandey told me all sorts of stories about Civil, how helpful the batchmates are and how people help him learn easily. Varun also was very happy with his batch. Writing this, I also realized that my batch is the group that I least associate within IITD. When people tell me stories of their batches in other colleges, I laugh at the fact that I don’t even know the names of half the people.

A lot of colleges are reopening, mostly in Karnataka. Devika said her’s might open soon, Ankita messaged that she is going back to Mangalore around the 17th and a few of Nived’s friends are also going back to Banglore. Ankita suggested we should meet up before she goes back. I agree, it’s been more than 4 years since we met. A lot of catching up to do. Meanwhile, I have developed a hobby of looking at the Covid-19 stats daily. The graph going down gives me some kind of hope that things will go back to normal soon, even though a lot of doctors have told me that the testing is reduced drastically. Still, the graph does give me some hope.

Other than the above-mentioned problems, today was great. Amma made a big pot of Payasam (Kheer but better). Then, Grandma randomly gave us money to buy chicken biriyani. My spoilt brat of a brother decided to cash it in instantly even though lunch was ready. He somehow convinced mom to let him buy it and well as usual she agreed to his pestering. He dragged me out at 1pm to buy food with my assignment still pending. I’m stuck with having to take him around until he gets his license. Abhi it’s 11:30PM and usually, I would be playing Valorant now but there was a lot to write today and I didn’t want to miss it out. I’ll go play abhi ig since I don’t have much hope that I’ll wake up early tomorrow.

3rd November, 2020

Woke up late again and missed my classes. However, today was comparatively free so I managed to start preparing for minors. The fact that one of my exams will be proctored was enough motivation to get me started. Completed my HMT assignment. Aman went full-on and made all sorts of simulations on Matlab. I did some basic coding and did my share of the group assignment too. We have one last assignment due tomorrow.

Valorant finally released the next patch. I had been really looking forward to Skye. Kaafi cool character h. I am usually a Raze main and am not accustomed to using flashes. However, the hawk ability of Skye has a lot of mobility which can facilitate some great plays. I also realized that sticking to Raze is not a great idea since I need to focus on my accuracy. Hence, I am trying out Pheonix since yesterday and I managed some really epic plays. I really liked a particular moment when the enemy Sova was forced out of the cubby in Ascend A site using hot hands and taking him down with a wall boost from my Sage. Piro gamer moment tha. I didn’t waste any time and spent a lot of time in the range trying out Skye. Omen k baad maybe isko unlock karunga if not Reyna.

Managed to study a bit today. Not as much as I would have wanted to but at least I started. Doing good with assignments too. The only problem I see ahead is the minors. Once that is done, I need to complete this website. You might have noticed that most of the webpages display coming soon. I need to work on them and also add one or two special blogs in addition to this daily blog. There have been many amazing incidents in my life which deserves an entire page on this website. Most of them are my travel stories so I hope you guys will enjoy it. I also plan to add one on Benedictine Diaries, the most eventful 2 years of my life. Everything that I am now, I owe it to those years. Will work on that too.

It's 12:30 and I'm fk all sleepy. However, no matter what I can't sleep until 1 or 2 pm, however hard I try. I end up watching something or playing games. Should really work on that. Going to sleep instantaneously was one of my very few sleeping talents. The sad part is that it is physically impossible for me to sleep when the sun is up. I remember only 4 occasions since 2nd grade that I managed to sleep during the day. Side effects of South Indian households. I was trained to fall asleep at 8:30 pm. I still suffer due to this sometimes. Many times,I have fallen asleep on calls or while talking. This is most common when I’m studying with Ayesha in the CSC, no matter how many cups of coffee she makes me drink. The only thing I had access to now was some cold lime juice but as of now, I have experimentally proven that it doesn't help.

2nd November, 2020

This is the first entry of my daily (hopefully) blog. A very original idea that I came up with myself and had nothing to do with Ayush . I had been looking forward to doing this for a long time now and DSL810 finally gave me a reason to. For some reason, the fact that it's almost gonna be a year since I came home kept bothering me the entire day. Reminded me of all the shit that we used to do back in college. I remember Ayush once said in the group that how great it would be to wake up to a mail from the admin, calling back the UG students. From bunking my first RDV to whining about being home, IITD has changed a lot in my heart. Somewhere down the line I also feel that this sudden nostalgia also has something to do with the fact that we are being bombarded with work from all professors. Really makes you miss the offline semesters. Kitna vella baita hua karta tha :').

With all these in the background, we still get bombarded with assignments every day. I had 3 submissions yesterday and 1 for today. The sad part is that the minors starts on Sunday and I really need to focus on them. If I want to improve my portfolio for higher studies, I really need to make sure I audit as few courses as possible. I felt like I became a little free today after the submission. Devika called today during class but sir was showing us really cool stuff so I was juggling between both. I didn't want to cut her call cuz it had been a long time since we talked. Well, not months XD. Compared to the 2-3 hours per day in the first year, once a week is a long time. Since the lockdown, our calls have been mostly whinings about how life sucks and we wanna go back. Well now that I think about it, that's the case with most of my calls these days with anyone. I really need a break from all this. I have my eyes set on the midsem break. I plan to swoop in and drag KD on a trip. Really hope something like that happens.